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AquaDam Temporary Dam

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AquaDam Temporary Dam - AquaDam Europe Ltd

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3 Sided Temporary Dam

Temporary Works / Construction Range

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Flood Protection AquaDam Range

AquaDam - Water filled temporary dams for construction and flood protection applications. 

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A comprehensive range of dams for temporary works and flood protection applications.    

AquaDam is a re-usable temporary dam manufactured from high tensile strength, tear resistant, materials. 

The system is appropriate for water depths between 15cm and 180cm.    

Construction AquaDams
For use in rivers, culverts, lakes and ponds in a variety of sizes for water depths from 15cm up to 1.8m.
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Minor construction and inspection applications. Super-fast, low cost temporary dams for depths upto 70cm.  
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Flood Protection AquaDams 
AquaDam has an unmatched record of visibly effective flood protection spanning over 25 years.
Limited UK stocks.

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