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Contract Hire & Purchase Options

Outright Purchase - organisations facing on-going, periodic, flooding a simple outright purchase of your AquaDam flood barriers is a good option to delivering maximum return on investment. A pair of AquaDams or half kilometer packages in a shipping container we can supply you training and exquipment  tailored to your flood protection objectives.

Contract Hire - in situations where an interim flood defence option pending a permanent solution, or where capital spend is not appropriate a contract hire solution may be suitable. In all situations the AquaDam operator is responsible for deploying their AquaDam flood defence barriers in advance of flooding. However, a post deployment  barrier removal, inspection and re-roll service may be available in some territories to customers on contract hire agreements. Terms, rates and minimum contract terms vary.

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2 x 25m TEXAS model AquaDams (50m  flood barrier)


20 x 25m DEMA model AquaDams (500m flood barrier)

MFD = Maximum Flood Depth