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County Flood Packs for shallow flooding up to 30cm


If your flooding looks like this you need an AquaDam County Flood Pack

County Flood Packs are designed to deliver effective  and affordable flood control to local authorities and business owners.

Quicker, cheaper and dramatically less bulky than sand bags and most other barrier types. An installed weight of around 300 kg/m makes for a stable and robust temporary flood bund. No pegging, tie downs or 2 stage fill process - just roll it our and fill with water.

Low cost, light weight, easy storage and fast deployment with everything required included except fuel and water.

The County Flood Packs have been designed for shallow flooded areas up to a 30cm/1ft flood depth.

What can you do with a County Flood Pack?
 - Asset protection
 - Bank augmentation
 - Temporary flood plain
 - Flood water diversion

County Flood Packs

County 250 - The 250m County Flood Pack (see photo) requires minimal storage space. Each 50m AquaDam can be stacked "jenga style".

Pump sets include everything necessary (including Honda branded water pumps) to fill your AquaDams with water.

Training materials including user manuals and access to online training viewable on smartphones all help you deliver visibly effective flood control.

As no item weighs more than 75 kg even our County 1000 pack (1km) is suitable for manual handling by just 3 operatives.

Affordable outright purchase or
long term rental options available...
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County Flood Pack contents
  • Flood barriers (50m lengths)
  • Portable water pump(s)
  • Hoses
  • Fittings and connectors
  • User manual
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PACK Flood Barriers Pump set(s)
County Pack 100 2 x 50m 1
County Pack 250 5 x 50m 1
County Pack 500 10 x 50m 2
County Pack 1000 20 x 50m 4
Additional barrier 1 x 50m n/a
County Pack 250
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