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Tel: +44(0)1793 251700
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AquaDam -  Water filled temporary flood barriers
25 years of proven effectiveness rarely matched by other
flood protection products
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AquaDam Design

AquaDam delivers effective control through close adherence to three fundamental objectives of design: 

      1: Straight forward in use
      2: Effective in use
      3: Low cost

We can boast hundreds of successful flood protection deployments over several decades (including the protection of nuclear power facilities).

Our Credentials

AquaDam flood barriers have an impressive portfolio of users which includes many governmental agencies,  frameworks contracts and major corporations throughout Europe and North America. 

These include UK national and local authorities, the Danish Emergency Management Agency, Nuclear power operators Duke Energy and Exelon Corporations, the Louisiana State Government and the US Department of State. Some major operators prefer to be discreet about their need for AquaDam flood protection and we respect this preference.

Emergency Flood Response within the EU

AquaDam flood barriers fulfil the EU specification for civil protection and are sucessfully operating in multiple European countries.

Through understanding, collaboration, and training, we assist our clients in the delivery of effective and cost efficient flood response.

Denmark 1

Our user manual and training packages (available in all official EU languages) are designed to establish competence and expertise at all levels for personnel of participating agencies. 

The portability of AquaDam and AquaDam Europe’s knowledge propagation systems allows neighbouring National and Regional agencies to share equipment and render flood protection assistance in times of need.  

AquaDam is well suited for operation in areas with difficult access and is suitable for post inundation installation.


AquaDam Applications Call us on +44(0)1793 251700 or email sales@aquadam-europe.com  to discuss if AquaDam is a viable solution for you.

Asset Protection

Protection from flood water by deploying the AquaDam on the perimeter or along low lying points.

Temporary Flood Wall

Tidal surge - temporary flood wall.

Temporary Reservoirs

Create temporary holding areas or increase the size of existing flood plains by 'plugging' gaps.

Flood Water Control

Control flood water through retention and diversion channels to move flood water away from assets.


Flood Barrier Range
MFD Inflated Height Inflated Width
30cm 46cm 90cm
45cm 61cm 120cm
60cm 76cm 160cm
70cm 90cm 210cm
80cm 120cm 290cm
100cm 150cm 340cm
125cm 180cm 430cm
180cm 240cm 550cm
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Deploying AquaDam is a straight forward three stage process.
1: Position    2: Roll out    3: Fill 

All AquaDams can be supplied with joining collars allowing flood barriers of unlimited length to be created.

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Portability and storage

A 50m length of 70cm MFD AquaDam can be manually positioned by 4 people. Storage arrangments can vary from simple outdoor stacking to fully equipped side opening storage containers.   

AquaDam support

To deliver the most appropriate flood response capability AquaDam Europe works in partnership with purchasers to ensure that when the time comes to respond to a flood threat your people are best equipped to mount a successful defence and so return to "business as usual" as swiftly as possible.