Factors for consideration when assessing AquaDam for specific flood protection applications

Prospective purchasers should seek independent expert flood advice. 

ManpowerWater supplyNotice of floodingProbable flood depthSpace for deplyment

Probable flood depth - we have a range of flood barriers for MFDs from 25cm to 80cm (MFD = Max Flood Depth). Smaller AquaDams are easier to install, cost less and require less space but will retain less flood depth. 

Notice of flooding - flooding associated with tidal surge is a predictable flood threat. Periods of elevated threat can be determined well in advance - this is a typical AquaDam flood protection scenario. The other extreme is flash flooding resulting from rainfall associated with severe, multi cell, thunderstorms. AquaDam is not suitable for flash floods. Depending upon AquaDam model and total barrier length a minimum 24 hr flood notice is recommended.

Water supply - typically AquaDams are filled with water from a pond, a river or stream, the sea or a fire hydrant.

Manpower - depending upon AquaDam size and total installed barrier length will require a minimum level of manpower to install. There are any number of possible permutations but a hypothetical example - an hotel with 3 physically fit staff led by an appropriately trained manager could install a 100m / 50cm MFD flood barrier in around half a day.

Space for deployment - water filled cofferdams are typically twice as wide as they are tall.

The triple photo sequence below is part of a 6 x 25m TEXAS model AquaDam (total barrier length 150m). The TEXAS has a 190cm filled width. Installation team 4 physically fit individuals. Water will be drawn from flood water. The 6 dams and petrol water pumps and equipment are stored in a single garage.

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MFD = Maximum Flood Depth
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