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Which SpeedyDam?  

  Which model?
  What length?

SpeedyDam Models
AquaDam Speedy 90 & Speedy 70.The 90 range will control up to 90cm of stationary water and the 70 range up to 70cm.  The 90 range contains around twice the capacity of water compared to the 70 range dam and is the preferred option for applications with water deeper than 50cm. Both models are quite wide and tend to sit on top of silt with modest penetration typically around 10cm. 

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What Length? - All models are available from stock.
Speedy 05 - 5m long
Speedy 10 - 10m long  (best seller save £200 limited time offer)
Speedy 15
- 15m long

To choose the correct SpeedyDam length estimate WATERLINE LENGTH and add 2m launch allowance. For the 90 range we recommend this is increased to 2.5m

Example length calculation 
Waterline length 9m,
9m + 2m = 11m
Select Speedy 15

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How to buy SpeedyDam

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