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fluming AquaDam
fluming AquaDam

Can you FLUME  with a SpeedyDam?
YES... in shallow water it's straight forward but call us to discuss.

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1.   What if my SpeedyDam is longer than required for the job? 
No problem! Excess length is simply elevated and secured in place (water doesn't flow up hill!).

2.   What water pumps should I use?
Most SpeedyDam operators use a pair of 3inch petrol centrifugal water pumps. Water pumps larger than 4 inches are not recommended. A 3 inch/75 mm pump flow splitter (available as an optional extra) will allow a single 3 inch / 75mm pump to be used.

3.   What water depth will a SpeedyDam control?
Up to 60cm or 90cm depending upon model chosen. Installation on very slippery surfaces or in fast moving water may affect performance.
The 90 range is designed for water depths up to 3ft / 90cm qith the 70 range recommended for depths around 2ft.

4.   Can I make a two or a three sided temporary dam?
YES - Two sided dams are possible with a Speedy 15 and longer units. For three sided dams use a combination of our SpeedyDams with our 90connection collars. Call or email for more information +44 (0) 1793 251700.

5.   SpeedyDam removal?
Most operators just lower the fill end of the dam into the water course and allow the water to drain out by gravity. Once this is complete the closed end of the dam is elevated to drain out any remaining water. 

6.   Can the dams be used in flowing water?
Yes  see for yourself on YouTube 
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Fish and eel pass installation by AMCO on a 3 section weir in lively water course.

7.   What water pump couplings are required? 
None required! Pump discharge hoses can simply be inserted into the open end of each fill tube. However, as standard on the 90 model and as an option on the 70 model, we include pre-installed 3" layflat, male & female couplings with jubilee clips and sleeves. 

8.   Are SpeedyDams easily damaged
Our dams are very robust and are manufactured from a super strong woven material. Puncture and tear resistance are exceptionally high. Small holes can be repaired and we now offer a liner replacement service.

9.  What ground preparation is required? 
Usually very little beyond clearing for access. The dams can be installed on very uneven ground and mud. However, as with any temporary dam, debris which will allow water beneath the dam (underbridging) and behind the dam. Consequently, debris should be removed to give the best possible seal. Water filled cofferdams such as the Speedy and AquaDam ranges typically to sit on top of silt with minimal penetration.

10.  Can a SpeedyDam  be over topped
No, the dam will wash out before the water flows over the top of the dam.

11.  What maintenance is required? 
SpeedyDams  used in temporary works applications do not require maintenance whilst in storage. Deployed SpeedyDams  may need periodic top up. Temporary dams used for emergency response applications such as flood protection should be periodically inspected for damage.

12.  Are SpeedyDams recycleable
Yes - over 99% of a SpeedyDam can be recycled.

13.  How wide is a SpeedyDam
Installed width of a SpeedyDam  is approximately 2m/3m  60 or 90 models respectively. Being a "bag of water" the dam can typically be squeezed to fit through a narrower gap.

14.  What's included in the price?
AquaDam, user guide, online quickstart video, Generic Method Statement and Generic Risk Assessment and after sales support.

Need more answers?  Call or email us, we're here to help!  +44 (0) 1793 251 700  or sales@aquadam-europe.com 
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