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Why SpeedyDam?

Super - fast | Low cost | Stable 

Photograph below - notice the rough surface, obstructive fence posts, water depth (operative circled in red) - and it still only took around 30 minutes to install this £299.00  Speedy 5/60 !

AquaDam Network Rail Culvert

Speedy 5/60 in a Network Rail culvert. 2 operatives and a pair of water pumps  
£225.00 plus delivery & VAT.    Call us on   +44 (0) 1793 251700  

Increase your...
Environmental credentials

Project time
Project risk
Environmental impact
Costs - installation, removal, clean up 

Good to know...
Typical installation time around 30 minutes.

Excellent on rough & uneven surfaces.

Suitable for project durations up to 3 months plus*

In stock and ready for delivery.

99% recycleable

* periodic top up may be required

SpeedyDams  are the low cost product for super - fast, low cost, temporary dam into water depths 3ft and below.  Whether you need to create a cofferdam for a few minutes (eg culvert inspections) or much longer (eg fish pass installations) a SpeedyDam  will help you cut costs, speed completion with minimum mess.

The weight of the water contained within any SpeedyDam  makes for a very stable temporary dam. For example, the Speedy 10/90  (our best seller) weighs around 24,000kg when deployed but less 60kg when empty.

Only water filled temporary dams can deliver this combination of stability and speed of installation. Combine superb design and quality of manufacture with almost three decades of on the job testing and improvement and you can be confident of satisfaction for you and your clients.

3 Sided Dams
Bank Repairs
Fish Pass
Flow Diversion

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